Education & Adventure at Hale

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Education & Adventure specializes in customizing high-quality adventure education programs for schools, colleges, and other organizations. With scores of trails, multiple ecosystems, a handful of ponds, and a professionally maintained and accredited challenge course, Hale’s 1,100 acres are a dynamic place where groups explore, learn, and grow.

We really loved how you encouraged both physical and emotional safety and allowed us to connect in playful and challenging ways.Program Participant

We primarily design teambuilding programs for school groups that range from 30 to 100 students, but can tailor programs to meet the needs of participants of any age. Whether your group is meeting for the first time or navigating the stages of team development, our programs can foster communication and social-emotional learning. Most groups choose one of three main program types (or some combination of the three):

  • Teambuilding. This may include the popular Shipwreck activity or any number of other games, activities, and challenges that are tailored to your group’s needs.
  • Low Ropes. Low Ropes activities take place on built elements, often no more than one foot above the ground and never more than 15 feet above the ground. Even so, participation is always prefaced by teambuilding activities that assess a group’s maturity and preparedness for higher levels of challenge.
  • High Ropes. High Ropes activities take place in the trees, anywhere from 15 to 40 feet above the ground. Although one or two people are up in the air at a time, high ropes elements are truly an experience for the whole team.

Outcomes vary by group and program, but all participants can expect to strengthen relationships, be safely challenged, and through it all, have fun! And they can do all of this at a surprisingly wild, historically significant, conveniently accessible site recognized for its excellence in programming.

An Education & Adventure Participant’s Day at Hale

8:45am – Our bus pulls into Cat Rock Parking Lot. The adventure begins!

9:00am – Our facilitators lead icebreakers, name games and getting-to-know you activities.

9:30am – Our group of 12 starts with a few teambuilding activities to see how well we communicate.

10:30am – The low ropes elements add a new level of challenge to round out the morning.

12:00pm – Time for lunch…our principal decided to order pizza! Yum!

1:00pm – Now we get up in the trees. After a thorough safety training and assistance putting on harnesses and helmets, we’re off to the high ropes!

3:00pm – Our facilitator helps us reflect on the day and what we learned.
3:30pm – Waving goodbye to Hale’s fantastic team of facilitators. Thanks for a great day!
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