From The Desk Of Paula

From the Desk Of Paula I am a mother, I work full-time, and I am busy.  Who isn’t?  In the interest of full disclosure, however, I should be honest, my children are all grown and my commute is 7 minutes door to door.  Still I feel like I am always under the gun.  It isn’t […]

Breaking Down the Classroom Walls

Breaking Down the Classroom Walls   It’s that time of year.  Students are ready to be done with school, and in some ways, parents are too.  I still remember gazing out the window on these warm days and wishing I was anywhere else.  Listening to birds chirping or the hum of a gentle breeze, I […]

Spring Into Spring

Spring Into Spring  Could it be that the snow has begun to melt? Are we really ready for spring? As much as people enjoyed complaining about the record breaking weather this winter, it did allow for a lot of procrastination. Were those enthusiastic folks who said that 2015 would be the year they would get […]

Family Resolutions

Family Resolutions  Most adults make New Year’s Resolutions such as to lose weight, exercise more or quit smoking, but how about turning it into a family affair to build strong family bonds and make more healthy decisions as you head into 2015? Ask the kids for their input and watch how creative they can get […]