Support Hale Reservation - Volunteer!

Thank you for your interest in doing a service project at Hale Reservation.
Without volunteers many tasks would not get done.

Why Volunteer at Hale Reservation?

When you participate in a service project at Hale you will be benefiting thousands of youth and adults who participate in our programs throughout the year.

Who Can Volunteer at Hale Reservation?

We encourage individuals, organizations, and corporations to become involved as volunteers. Whether clearing trails, painting a shelter, replacing boards or cleaning the beach area, all of the service projects contribute to the safety, maintenance, and preservation of this unique private non-profit educational organization.


Volunteer Opportunities at Hale Reservation

Projects may include:

EAGLE SCOUT SERVICE PROJECTS - Below are two sample Eagle Scout projects from the past. Please contact us if you have any specific ideas and we will work to accommodate skills and interests.

#1: Trail Rehabilitation - Interpretative Trail
The goal of this project was to restore to a nature path for visually-impaired visitors. Project included all aspects of repair from debris removal to remarking trail to creating the trail guide pamphlet. This project required 126 work hours.

#2: Stream Reclamation
This Eagle Scout candidate cleared brush and debris from 1,000 feet of the Powissett Brook adjacent to Storrow Pond. He then re-created a trout habitat in the brook with the hope that the trout would go up stream to spawn. This project required 189 work hours.

Please contact Hale Reservation to set up your volunteer project.
Tel (781) 326-1770