The Trails of Hale Reservation

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Hale has an extensive trail system that is primarily maintained by Rangers and volunteers. Trails are used by hikers, bikers, horseback riders, joggers, skiers and naturalists. Please show courtesy for all users. Hale has five marked trails and numerous un-marked trails. Always travel with a map, water and be sure others know your intended route.

Page & Sadie Trail (1.7 miles)

Red blazes mark the trail.

This trail loops around Noanet Pond with some nice views of the water. The north side of the loop is relatively flat while the south side of the pond consists of some steeper hills and more challenging terrain.

Split Rock Trail (.9 miles)

Orange blazes mark the trail.

Split Rock Trail travels up and over two unique rock outcroppings and over a White Cedar Swamp area. Leaving Cat Rock Parking lot the trail goes left up and over Split Rock and then goes partway across the dam holding back Noanet Pond. On the back of the dam the trail goes over the swamp, along Powissett Brook and then up and around Cat Rock.

Oak Hill Trail (2.1 miles)

Green blazes mark the trail.

Oak Hill Trail is the primary access trail to the south side of Hale Reservation. This loop consists of gentle slopes and wider trails on the east and south portions but does go over a rocky ridge after passing Nimrods Rock to the west.

Strawberry Hill Trail (2.5 miles)

Yellow blazes mark the trail.

This beautiful longer hike weaves on and off Hale property (please be courteous of our neighbors) and up and over some hills. This trail accesses the 600 acre Trustees of Reservation’s “Noanet Woodlands” property and their network of trails.

Storrow Pond Trail (2.3 miles)

Blue blazes mark the trail.

This trail begins at Hale’s main entrance and consists of wider trails, gentle slopes and offers views of both Storrow and Noanet Ponds. Access to the trail is also available at Cat Rock Parking Lot and at Wildflower Parking Area.