Visiting Hale - User Guidelines

Public Use Policy

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Hale Reservation is a private, non-profit organization. We invite the public to enjoy the property, and ask that users abide by the User Guidelines. Your cooperation is appreciated. Please enjoy your visit.

Open to the public from 7:30 am – dusk (or 8 pm, whichever is earlier.) Hale prohibits swimming, boating, hunting, trapping, firearms, alcohol, drugs and fireworks. Park only in designated parking areas, no roadside parking.

Dog Walking

Click Here for Dog Use Guidelines.

Dogs are welcome at Hale from Labor Day weekend through Memorial Day, except for advertised special events. Lender leashes and plastic baggies are available at the Hale entrance bulletin board and Cat Rock Parking Area. Dogs must be on a leash and under the owners control at all times at the following locations:

*Please remember that dogs are not allowed to swim in any of the ponds.


Fishing is permitted. However, baitfish are not permitted (shiners, minnows, chubs, etc.). Catch and release encouraged, but catch for consumption allowed. Limit per day: 2 trout, 2 bass.

Horseback riding is also permitted, but is discouraged in heavy use areas. Riding is recommended south of the East/West Fire Road and south of Powissett Street.

During Hale Reservation sponsored programs, visitors are asked to refrain from using areas designated for program activities.

Hale Reservation is not responsible for lost possessions.

Individuals breaking the rules will be asked to leave and are subject to arrest, fine or prosecution.