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The Education Department provides high-quality, day-programs for schools, scouts, corporations, and other organized groups. Many groups have utilized our unique and natural setting to complement their in class work for over 30 years. Teachers enjoy our curriculum based environmental programs that align with MA frameworks.

Our philosophy that, people learn best by doing, has remained the cornerstone of Hale’s education programs since the beginning. Whether, learning to canoe for the first time, hiking an interpretive trail or searching the forest floor for salamanders, participants in a Hale education program will be having fun while engaged in a lasting learning experience.

Our education programs can be designed to accommodate groups of any size and age. Although most of our groups range in size from 10 to 25, some have been as large as 225 participants. All of our programs are individually designed to suit your imagination. A simple phone call or e-mail to assess the needs and goals of your school or group will determine the contents of your Hale adventure.

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