Ponds & Brooks

looking at a pond in summer

There are three main open water bodies at Hale Reservation: Noanet Pond in the center of the property, Powissett Pond in the western half of the property, and Storrow Pond in the northern part of the property. The acreages of these ponds are 50±, 9±, and 3±, respectively. Several streams, including Powissett Brook, which is shown on the USGS Map as perennial, also flow through Hale, and in fact, the ponds on the property were created by impounding these streams.

Watershed Context

looking at a pond in winter through trees

Hale Reservation is located on the boundary of two major Massachusetts river basins: the Charles River watershed and the Boston Harbor watershed. The border shared by the watersheds runs parallel to Powissett Road, between Powissett Peak and Camp Grossman. The northern region of the reservation drains to the Charles River while the remaining land drains south to Boston Harbor via the Neponset River. A number of surface water resources are located within Hale Reservation, including Noanet, Powissett, and Storrow Ponds. Within Hale Reservation’s borders are many smaller watershed areas. Each of these areas contribute runoff to a specific body of water or water resource.

(Portions of the above come from a Natural Resources study conducted by Beals & Thomas)