Importance in open space network


The Reservation’s open space context is not only unique due to its proximity to urban areas, but also due to its adjacency with other significant open space parcels. Noanet Woodlands comprises 610± acres of undeveloped, mainly forested, land, while Powissett Farm contains 140± acres of agricultural land, including hay fields and pasture. Both of these open space parcels lie adjacent to Hale’s western border. Several other open space parcels, including Mill Farm and Caryl Park, lie west of and adjacent to Noanet Woodlands, which, although the former properties are not proximate to Hale, increases its overall habitat value by adding to the amount of connected woodlands. Strawberry Hill Farm, which contains 25± acres of open space, and the Larabbee Estate, which includes 50± acres of mostly forested area, both lie to the north of Hale. 30± acres of open space associated with Rock Meadow Brook lie east of the northern portion of the property, however portions of this open space are separated from Hale by residential development. The Crouse Sisters open space parcel, Mill Brook Reservation, and Town of Westwood Conservation Land are situated adjacent to Hale’s eastern property line in its southern extent, and comprise 2±, 30±, and 1± acres of land respectively.

Combined, these additional open space parcels (not including Mill Farm or Caryl Park) make up close to 900 acres of protected lands, which greatly enhances the natural resource value of Hale Reservation by creating significant undeveloped and connected woodland.

Greening Hale

a cabin in the woods

In 2007 Hale Reservation received an image overhaul. We updated our logo and changed our letterhead all to update our corporate identity. The biggest change to the everyday visitor has been the addition of “Hale Green” to the trim of all our buildings. To many people it is quite a shock to see this splash of green. Just as we’ve added green to our corporate image we now are constantly striving to bring “green” with all our actions. Not only are we striving to be a green advocate in the camps, schools and communities Hale is constantly seeking to green everything we do from turning off computers, changing to energy efficient light bulbs, using non-toxic cleaning solutions, and improving energy efficiency at every turn.