2014 Family Membership Beach Rates

Membership Beach is open from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day

To sign-up, complete the 2014 Registration Card and mail it with the required deposit to Hale Reservation, 80 Carby Street, Westwood, MA 02090. Checks should be made out to Hale Reservation.

Membership Fees

Membership Fees
Family Membership                                $930.00
Empty Nesters - Individual/Couple          $295/$350
Senior Couple                                       $185.00
Senior Individual                                   $110.00
August Membership                               $470.00
Twilight Membership                              $425.00

Description of Membership

Membership entitles a family to use Membership Beach, its amenities, and all its scheduled programs and events during operating hours for one low all-inclusive fee.

Family Membership $930

A family is defined as more than one individual residing in the same living quarters, and forming a household. 

Empty Nesters - Individual/Couple $295/$350

An Empty Nesteris an individual or couple with no children as part of their membership.

Senior - Individual/Couple $110/ $185

A senior is defined as a person 60 years of age or older.

August Membership $470

August Membership gives families access to the beach from August 1 through to Labor Day, and includes all Session 4 activities August 4 – August 15. August Members will also be allowed to participate in all 'non-sign up' activities beginning on August 1.

Car decals can be picked up at the beach beginning August 1, 9 a.m.

Twilight Membership $425

The Twilight Membership is a Reward Program available to families who have been members at Membership Beach or campers at our Hale Day Camp for three or more consecutive years in the past 10 years, who find that they no longer use the beach as much in the day time as their children have grown older or circumstances have changed.
Twilight Membership includes:

No decals will be issued to Twilight Members.
Weekday evenings: Please check in at the guard shack. A sign-in book will be available. Guest fees should be paid at the guard shack.
Weekends: Check in at the gate shack. Guest fees should be paid at the gate shack.
**Incorrect use of the Twilight Membership could result in the membership being revoked.

Financial Aid

Any family in need of financial aid can download an application form on the Hale Forms page.
Applications need to be returned to Hale by March 31. Late applications will not be accepted.