Outing Privileges for Members at the Beach

Members are invited to use the beach facilities for birthday parties, family gatherings, and group functions. The ‘outing’ group must adhere to all Membership Rules. Outings will only be allowed if they do not conflict with any Membership activity. The number of outings is restricted due to space.

To book an outing at Membership Beach, call or speak to the Membership Director only. There will be a site fee of $30 plus the guest rate is $5 per adult and $3 per kid. Outings take place in the picnic area opposite the playground or in the volleyball area.

The group may not set up in the picnic area. Rules to follow when booking a Membership Outing:


Members can hire one of our staff to supervise the party and organize games on land or water. Speak to the Membership Director to hire a staff person. The rate will be $25 per hour. Please no tipping.