Hale is a private nonprofit that welcomes public visitors. Please review and abide by these guidelines as you explore the property. We appreciate your cooperation, and look forward to seeing you on the trails soon.

Before You Go

Consider the weather, and make sure enough daylight remains.

Hale is open daily from 7:30am until dusk (4pm in the winter, 8pm in the summer, and 6pm in the spring and fall).

Don’t forget…

  • Layers
  • Water and snack
  • Hats, gloves, sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Map and compass

Leave these at home.

Private watercraft, all-terrain vehicles, motorized dirt bikes, firearms, fireworks, alcohol, and drugs. All of these are strictly prohibited at Hale.

What about the dog?

Dogs are welcome from Labor Day through Memorial Day (i.e. during the fall, winter, and spring). Each dog must be on a leash and under its owner’s control when walking on paved roads and parking lots, fields, beaches, playgrounds, or anywhere a program is within earshot. Dogs may not swim in any ponds. Obedient dogs are permitted to explore secluded trails off leash. Please note that loaner leashes and waste bags are available at Hale’s Main Entrance and the Cat Rock Parking Area.

Getting to Hale

Hale’s Main Office is located at 80 Carby Street, Westwood, MA. To reach:

  • Andrew Cucchiara Learning Center (ACLC) — Pass the Main Office on the left and turn right. Continue up the hill and into the ACLC’s gravel parking lot.
  • Cat Rock Parking Lot — Pass the Main Office on the left and continue to the first paved parking area on the left.
  • North Beach — Park in Cat Rock Parking Lot. Follow the dirt road to the right of the bulletin board. At the end of the road turn left to get to the beach.
  • Powissett Lodge — Pass the Main Office on the left. Continue for about 1.5 miles. The parking area is on the left, and Powissett Lodge is a short walk up the road.
  • Trading Post and Simches Family Center — Pass the Main Office on the left. Continue for about 1 mile. You will pass a small island in the road, turn sharply up a hill, and pass the Trading Post on the right. Park in the gravel lot on the left, opposite the Trading Post.

Please note that Hale Summer Club (formerly known as Membership Beach) has a separate entrance. From Route 109, turn onto Dover Road and continue for about 1 mile. Hale Summer Club’s entrance is on the right; its street sign reads “Bruné Way” (a.k.a “Hill Street” if you’re using GPS). If you miss it, you will pass Grossman Camp and need to turn around.

Once You Arrive

Know the speed limit and park in a lot.

The speed limit is 15 miles per hour throughout Hale. Thank you for driving carefully to ensure the safety of people, dogs, and wildlife. Parking is free in designated parking areas. Roadside parking is not allowed.

Chart your course.

Hale boasts many miles of trails and three ponds (Noanet, Powissett, and Storrow). Download a trail map or pick one up at the Main Office, familiarize yourself with the property, and orient yourself before you set out. Learn to use a map and compass if you plan to explore. Do not rely on a GPS device or your smartphone, as many areas of Hale lack cell service. Remember to tell a friend or family member where you plan to go and when you plan to return.

Consider accessibility and conditions.

Trail conditions, weather, programs, and special events necessitate trail closures from time to time, so please check Hale’s website and observe signs.

Hale truly has its own culture. It’s a respite from civilization, and I feel fortunate it’s located so close to my house.Malachy Duffy

Activities at Hale

Visitors may not swim, boat, hunt, trap, camp, or build fires. If you would like to participate in open swimming or boating at Hale Summer Club but are not a registered Pass Holder, a limited number of Day Passes are available and may be purchased for $20 per person, per day. Call 781-326-8985 beforehand to confirm availability.

Visitors are asked to refrain from using areas designated for program activities when Hale-sponsored programs and activities are underway.

Visitors are welcome to go:

  • Picnicking. Visitors and families are welcome to picnic at Hale. No barbecuing is allowed.
  • Fishing. No license is required. Remember that private watercraft are not permitted. Bait fish are banned; shiners, minnows, and chubs can damage a pond’s natural ecology. Catch and release is encouraged. Catch for consumption is allowed: each visitor is limited to keeping two trout, two bass, and unlimited sunfish per day.
  • Horseback Riding. Please avoid heavily used areas. Ideal riding areas are south of the East/West Fire Road and south of Powissett Street.
  • Hiking. Hale offers numerous hiking opportunities. Check a trail map to learn more about trail difficulty and natural features. Remember to share your route with a friend or family member.
  • Mountain Biking. Mountain biking is not permitted on any of the beaches or fields. Visitors are encouraged to bike away from areas used for programming and those frequented by pedestrians. Remember to check each trail’s status: sometimes biking is prohibited from March 1 through April 30 due to muddy conditions. Trails may be closed due to spring weather conditions, or temporarily open with the expectation that visitors will ride softly in wet areas and on steeps. Please bike responsibly and refrain from using trails until they’ve properly thawed; you will be doing Hale and the sport a service by preserving the trails we ride.
  • Snowshoeing. Hale is beautiful after a heavy snowstorm. Visitors who are especially familiar with its layout and winter orienteering may find that snowshoeing reveals parts of the property they’ve never seen.
  • Ice Skating. Ice on the ponds is not monitored and may be thin. Skate at your own risk.
  • Cross Country Skiing. Trails are not specially maintained for skiing. Ski at your own risk.

Groups and Events

Groups must either a) be affiliated with and insured by Hale, or b) be affiliated with a company or organization that can provide Hale with a Certificate of Liability Insurance. To learn more about bringing your group to Hale, please see Rentals.

Preserve and Support Hale

All visitors are encouraged to observe the Leave No Trace Seven Principles. Any visitor who defaces, damages, or removes plants, trees, signs, posters, barriers, buildings, or other elementsnatural or builtmay be banned from Hale.

If you enjoy spending time at Hale, know that we rely on support from outdoor enthusiasts like you! Please consider a gift to preserve the land and support our programs.