Intrepid Academy at Hale

Intrepid Academy’s challenging, active, and personalized educational experience, combined with its unique outdoor campus as a classroom, prepares students for academic success, nurtures body and mind, and inspires a passion and curiosity for future academic pursuits and a lifetime of health and wellness.

Our program breaks down the walls of conventional schools; it brings students outdoors, and enables them to earn traditional course credits through a nontraditional, active and interdisciplinary educational experience. Students leave Intrepid Academy with healthier minds and bodies, as well as a determined spirit that helps them become leaders in their schools and communities.

Throughout history, it has been the most intrepid among us who shape the boundaries of possibility.

Each semester, Hale challenges a cohort of high school juniors to:

Look deep. Intrepid Academy blends traditional academics with experiential learning projects, pushing students to ask questions, test new ideas, and develop a deeper understanding of the natural world and themselves. Every day is rich with physical and mental activity.

Be bold. Challenging the boundaries of their comfort zones, Intrepid breaks down the walls of the classroom, bringing the students to the experience, rather than bringing stories of experience to them. Hale has a remarkable assortment of natural and man-made challenges across its wilderness campus.

Think big. At the end of their semester, Intrepid students leave with an expanded sense of the world and their place in it. Every student who comes to Intrepid takes their experience back to their more traditional schools with a new focus on what education and learning can mean for them.

An Intrepid Student’s Day at Hale

8:30am – Arrive to Hale. I love Intrepid’s amended start time, which accommodates teenagers’ biological clocks.
9:00am – Fitness and Conditioning. Forget the cup of coffee – our day begins with physical activity.
9:25am – All School Welcome. Our teachers never fail to let us know how happy they are that we’re here.
9:50pm – Human Geography.

This class is one of my favorites – it examines the relationship between people and their environment from both historical and cultural contexts, and challenges us to relate ideas to our current lives.

10:55am – Active Classroom Transition. We all lend a hand in turning over classrooms so the space suits our learning needs.
11:10am – Human Performance

We cover a lot in this course as we explore connections between literature, psychology, physiology, art, and health.

12:15pm – Lunch and Exploration
1:05pm – Advising and Academic Support

Each afternoon, advisors check in with us individually and we discuss our progress toward academic and health goals. It’s great to have someone to go to for academic support.

2:20pm – Movement Lab

Physical and mental challenges are part of life at Intrepid. We’re constantly building new connections between those challenges and what we learn in the classroom.

3:20pm – Mathematics

Today we’re focusing on math, but we also tackle environmental science and foreign language. We may spend a lot of time outside, but our classes are no walk in the park…

4:30pm – Depart Hale. It’s still light out when we leave, and there’s plenty of time left for evening activities with friends and family.

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