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The Mission of Hale

The mission of Hale Reservation is to provide stewardship of its land and resources and to offer educational experiences that foster responsibility, leadership and appreciation for the natural environment.

About Hale

Hale Reservation is a private, non-profit educational organization that manages 1,130 acres of woodlands, including four ponds and over twenty miles of trails in Westwood and Dover, Massachusetts. Hale is most widely recognized for its summer day camp programs which annually serve over 4,400 children from 70 communities in the Greater Boston area. Hale Reservation also offers a family program, outdoor and environmental education experiences for children and adults, and open space for casual recreational use.

The essence of Hale Reservation can be found in Robert Sever Hale’s original desires for the organization he began in 1918. The current programs and land management practices are the legacy of his desire “to provide education which will develop intelligent, capable and responsible citizens” and to use the land “so long as it is charitable and benevolent in nature.” The goal of today’s programs is to develop intelligent leaders and environmentally educated citizens. We believe that the diversity of the natural environment must be reflected back in the diversity of the people who experience our programs and opportunities for people of any race, background, religion or economic status.

Hale operates five core programs

Hale Day Camp

Family Membership

Agency Camps

Education, Adventure and Outings

Stewardship and Public Access

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Hale publishes a newsletter in the Spring and the Fall.

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